Children's Author Visit: Kamden Smith!

About this event :

Join us for an author visit from a Clear Lake author!  He’s written two books so far: Teddy the Careless Turtle and Calvin the Grumpy Clam.  Check them out from the library today!

Kamden Smith is an active 10 year old boy.  He enjoys reading Harry Potter, playing Fortnight, participating in various sporting activities, and hanging out with his buddies.  An avid fisherman, he learned all the tricks on how to snag the big ones from his dad.

Rachel Smith (Kamden’s mom) is full-time manager of the Smith house, and part-time writer for the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  She is a member of BF Bookies, who host the North Iowa Book Bash each year.  After publishing in the romance genre, she stepped into the world of Children’s books.  You can often find her with a book in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other.

Your host : Brianna Sholly