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When we travel back in time and remember the Second World War, images of events and people come to mind. The photograph of our flag atop Mt Suribachi on Iwo Jima is, perhaps, the most iconic picture taken during the War. Others, many not so well known or remembered, will be the subject of Michael Eckers’ presentation. What significance did Disney artists have to our armed forces throughout the conflict? Who was the real “Rosie the Riveter”, or the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square? How many War  Correspondents can you identify; those who wrote the words all of America was waiting to hear and read? Who served in relative obscurity only to rise to celebrity status after the War ended? Who were the men and women who honed leadership skills during the First World War to be leaders in the Second? Come and find answers to these and other questions… perhaps you have one of your own?

Michael Eckers is the author of several books on American military history. His public speaking focuses on the contributions and sacrifices made by people in defense of our freedoms. Michael presents interactive talks combining nation-wide perspective with local flavor.



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