The Little Free Library

The Little Free Library (LFL) is located at Central Gardens.

During the Garden’s open season (May – October), you can find TWO Little Free Libraries inside the front gate – one for teens/adults and a shorter one just for kids. There is a bench in between the two to sit
and share a story while you’re there, or take a book with you to enjoy wherever you choose to read.

During the winter months, one of the LFL is moved just outside the front gate so it remains accessible.
This LFL will hold titles for all ages during the off season, and be moved back into the Gardens when it reopens in the spring.

A Little Free Library is a small, free standing structure that houses a collection of books available for free exchange. Persons may take and/or donate books to the Little Free Library. The Little Free Library movement began in Wisconsin several years ago and now has become a nationwide phenomenon with the purposes of strengthening a sense of community and increasing literacy.

Our Little Free Libraries are hosted by the Friends of the Library. They are officially registered and appear on the map at

The original Little Free Library (right) pictured with the 2021 additions of a bench and children's Little Free Library.